Symphony No. 5


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    • Marie-Claire Alain plays Widor Toccata
    • جان ماري شارل ألبير Widor (1844-1937) التوكاتا الجهاز السمفونية رقم 5 المرجع 42 رقم 1 في الرئيسية و ماري-كلير العين، الجهاز من "سانت إتيان دي كاين".


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عن Symphony No. 5

The Symphony for Organ No. 5 in F minor, Op. 42, No. 1, was composed by Charles-Marie Widor in 1879, with numerous revisions published by the composer in later years. The full symphony lasts for about 35 minutes.
The above text from the Wikipedia article "Symphony for Organ No. 5" text is available under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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