Qaumī Tarāna

Voice, بيانو

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Typeset by Johan Schoone, from

عن Qaumī Tarāna

The Qaumi Taranah (Urdu: قومی ترانہ‎, Qaumī Tarānah pronounced , lit. “National Anthem”), also known as Pāk Sarzamīn (Urdu: پاک سرزمین‎, pronounced , lit. “The Sacred Land”), is the national anthem of Pakistan. Its music was composed by Ahmad G. Chagla in 1949, preceding the lyrics, which were written by Hafeez Jullundhri in 1952. It was officially adopted as Pakistan's national anthem in August 1954.
The above text from the Wikipedia article "Qaumi Taranah" text is available under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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