Concert for the beauty of the Earth


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Verbania, parish church

Monday, 12 Sep 2011, 9:00PM

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Matteo Albergante
Born in Omegna, he has studied piano and organ with famous professors ( like P. Morganti and L. Verardo). He has given concerts in italy, France, Germany, Swiss and Croatia. He has tooken a bachelor degree at Pavia's university, where he is attending the master degree. He is an expert in historical playing praxis.


A. Valente: Lo ballo dell'intorcia
J. Bull: Rondò in g
J.S.Bach: variations on "Sei gegrusset Jesu gutig"
A.Guilmant: grand march in gregorian tonality
F.Capocci:Allegro maestoso. Variazioni.


Verbania, near the main square.

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